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International Marketing

Are you an Entrepreneur who wants to expand and/or relocate internationally, but you don't know where to start, how to proceed or you need marketing assistance locally or remotely? You came to the right place. Solutions Always loves helping businesses with ambition and international vision!


Solutions Always is located in Scottsdale, the Phoenix area in Arizona, USA. Arizona is a very attractive low tax rate state for businesses and investors. According to a Bloomberg survey, 200 people move to Phoenix on a daily basis. Karine Fenske, the founder of Solutions Always, was born and raised in France and lived in the UK for many years before moving to the USA. She has already helped some European entrepreneurs sell their services and products here in the USA, so maybe it is your time now?


Are you an entrepreneur who would like to move to Arizona and create your own business here? We can help you with everything that is related to marketing and some administration procedures: website, social media, brochures, patents, trademarks, business registration..


Are you an American company planning on developing your business in Europe and need some advice and assistance from an expert based in the USA? Karine Fenske, the founder of Solutions Always, grew up in France and lived in the UK for over a decade. She also lived in Germany for a short period of time and visited most European countries a few times for leisure and business: Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Benelux, Luxembourg, Scandinavian countries, Poland, Austria, Greece.. Karine is familiar and very much aware of the cultural differences between both continents and her knowledge will enable help businesses in their growth. It will be a pleasure to assist you! Let's connect!


You need a second opinion from an international expert and see if you are missing something, a new strategy that could help boost your sales or launch the new concept. Give us a call!

Let’s talk about your project and see how we can help you.
Fees vary according to the services to be included and the scope of work to be done. Connect to receive a free quotation. We also offer a customized monthly fee on some projects.


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